Define Nadya

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The impossible gives you neverending dreams and neverending hopes

I make the most ugliest and exaggerated hiccup sounds and pretend I’m dying

Constantly evolving

Writing could at least stop some pain but I don’t even want to read them again. Fuck all the books I’ve written in. You guys are going to the trash because I say so.

I’m going to stop being serious about things/people because it’s so tiring. I’m going to work on my jokes(on me) and be a comedian. Now, who’s with me?!

Okay goodnight.

I spent my holidays by running errands, final year project, catching up with friends which I’m not even close with(why the fuck did I even bothered).

Truth be told, it was quite a productive period and also a bunch of people who still talks behind me after fucking years. Amused by some human’s behavior, had enough for tonight.